For candidates

How to write a successful CV

  • Fully describe your experience and achievements, presenting information laconically. The CV should be no more, than 2 pages.
  • Shortly describe the companies of your own experience, which are not widely known in the market.
  • It is necessary to formulate the position, you are applying for, clearly.
  • Education and work experience should be described with exact dates and in reverse chronological order. Try to avoid common phrases.
  • Focus on your personal achievements in work experience description.
  • If you write any skills of your work, be specific (specify how many people were subordinated, what volumes of business you operate, etc.)
  • Focus on special projects and unusual cases, you participated in.
  • Under Education you must first specify your basic education, and then you can list the courses, trainings and certifications. It is important to specify the exact dates of the training periods.
  • Computer programs skills must specify in a separate line.
  • Avoid tables, graphics and a variety of colors in your CV. The preferred format of your CV is Microsoft Word.
  • Attach your business style photo to CV.
  • Notify the employer if your experience is different from the CV’s data in your workbook.
  • Impress recruiters, starting with the first line of your CV! Remember that we get a lot of CVs a day!
  • Please, use the verbal nouns in your CV: project management, organization and processes, etc .