For candidates

What we offer

  • We represent your interests before the potential employer, we negotiate with.
  • We discuss and confirm your compensation level and structure of the social package with the potential employer.
  • We fully coordinate the process of interaction with the client until you get this job, as well as during the trial period.
  • We always keep confidential cooperation with you.
  • Our services are free for Candidates.


  • We can’t guarantee that we will help you to find a job immediately, because we work on companies requests.
  • Our consultants meet just with relevant to current vacancies candidates.
  • Candidates, who change jobs frequently, have less chances because employers prefer professionals with logically constructed and stable career.
  • We can’t help you if you want to change your professional area of work radically, because employers expect from us the candidates with the same experience.
  • We always try to reduce the period of negotiations process with the employer, but does not always depend from us.