For companies

Our advantages

  • Experience. Talents&Partners management have more than fifteen years professional experience of seeking and engaging key staff using a variety of technologies with leading domestic and international companies – both on the contractor’s and the customer’s side. Therefore we understand major companies’ recruitment needs, the criteria used to assess staff quality and the approaches that could be used to effectively meet the hiring goals of a huge corporation
  • Small Footprint and Professionalism. Although we maintain the minimum number of staff, all our employees are highly proficient in their business. As soon as the order is confirmed we can join in on the following day without lengthy approval chains and time-consuming bureaucracy. This helps us obtain quality results within the shortest terms.
  • Flexibility in Cooperation. We do respect our customer’s right to operate their companies and business units as they see fit. Therefore, we are willing to tailor individual solutions to the cooperation terms depending on the particular features of a given project.
  • Confidentiality. Our business involves dealing with a large amount of personal data and other highly sensitive information on behalf of both our clients and candidates. The compact structure of Talents&Partners as well as the profound experience and high competence of its employees guarantee containment of this information within the company.